Helping others not live in fear.

The body is the brain and you can listen, impose commands, direct decisions, balance and resolve what’s going on with your mind. Just like a RINGMASTER!

Your souls are those voices we should listen to and not ignore. Your souls are those voices of intuition. Your decision is the Ringmaster in YOU. By listening to my body I have been able to share my story, happiness and gratitude with others and now I’m on a new journey creating steps to help you get there, too!
I’d love for this to be a safe place or utilized outlet where people feel they have a trustworthy source of information, love & experince coming from a place of love and hope to give those sluggish souls a chance or guide to crafting the performance to The Ringmaster in You.

“Do what makes your soul happy! I hope you enjoy my blog entry’s and you’ll join me on my journey till the release of my book Β The Ringmaster in You! I hope that I get to hear from you. Please, leave your comments, write to me, I’m waiting to hear from you!” – Jen 😊

Jennifer is a professional singer, host, commercial actor and model based in the Live Music Capital of the World – Austin, TX! She’s also an American Idol Finalist, the reigning Ms. Texas UA, a presenter on Big Review TV and a regular performer at various venues around Austin. Jennifer is available performances and appearances – for more information contact Jennifer at


7 thoughts on “The Jen Soul Happy Initiative

  1. I loved you blog. And I’m sure all those mommy’s that work so hard, and not much time for their children, will make them feel so much better that they are not alone!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. As a parent of two kids I kinda relate to what you’re talking about in your blog, though I don’t get to see them often since they both live with their mom overseas, so you can only imagine how hard it is for all of us…
    Thank you for sharing, I think that you’re a very talented writer Jen, and I’m looking forward to your next blog.


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